Thursday, April 27, 2006

What triggers your memories?

I was reading another blog today and the writer was talking about how smells trigger memory for him. Some smells do this for me but I find that it is food that triggers memories for me most often.

Apple turnovers for the time I visited a bat park (weird on it's own) with my dad and we sat at a picnic table eating apple turnovers dusted in icing sugar whilst bat's screeched in the trees around us.

Date scones for my grandma - she showed me how to cook them the first time.

Freshly baked bread and fresh prawns from the co-op at Tuncurry remind me of all the holidays I had there as a kid with my family.

Dried figs and my dad.

Boysenberry jam reminds me of trips to New Zealand where I first tried that jam - homemade by my Aunt.

I'll never forget the raw octopus I tried in Japan at a New Year's feast put on by friends of my father's.

White chocolate ice-cream with macadamia nuts in a humungous waffle cone reminds me of Dallas, where my stepmother and I ate one ice cream each for our lunch that day. We couldn't have fit anything else in. We were out walking around, looking at the sights. The tourist bureau couldn't believe we had walked everywhere. 'What? No car?"

I am sure there are more, and if they come to me, I'll jot them down.

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